Virtual professional network

Free webinars and resources for supervisors to support their professional development

The Global Supervisors’ Network (GSN) is unique. It is the first free participative network for qualified and experienced supervisors across the world who are working in coaching, mentoring and consultancy to provide each other with, and receive, Continuing Personal and Professional Development virtually. It also supports research in the field of supervision, and has working groups for example in research, supervision of supervision and in supervision of team coaching. While it collaborates with all the coaching, mentoring and supervision professional bodies, it is not affiliated to any one body.

It was set up by Eve Turner at the start of 2016 and the only criteria for joining is that members are qualified and experienced supervisors of coaches, mentors and/or consultants.  A number of volunteers give their time to make the GSN run for members as a vibrant community of practice.

There are webinars at least monthly, where 330+ members from around the world provide each other with excellent learning opportunities on a range of diverse subjects broadly related to supervision and/or personal development. Recordings and other materials, such as slides, are made available for members of the network.

This is all done at no cost to members to join or attend the webinars with the sole aim of supporting best practice.

GSN members include supervisors working in countries such as India, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Oman and Turkey, as well as throughout Europe such as Spain, Poland, Portugal, France, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. The GSN has established a community that brings together some of the leading thinkers in the field. To date there have been 220+ webinars.

Members can also choose to be involved in working groups, research projects, publications and conference presentations.

The Global Supervisors’ Network is also proud to have partnered with a number of volunteer project.  This includes EthicalCoach, the philanthropic arm of WBECS, to support aspiring coaches in Africa with supervision and CoachActivism supervising their coaching with refuge workers and volunteers.

To join, please visit the membership information page and complete the form.

Virtual sessions are held both on Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays at 8am (UK time) to accommodate time zones, at least monthly.  Working groups meetings are set up by their leads.

Testimonials & Awards

"[Eve Turner] Created the Global Supervisors Network, which is very popular, un-bureaucratic, and the sessions are always well-attended (not easy to achieve when people are so busy and often don’t invest enough in their own CPD)! "

Coaching at Work awards judge (2018)

"I believe supervision is the most undervalued part of our work and Eve's focus on developing a community of learning across the supervision space so that we might develop and grow this capability I find inspirational."

Coaching at Work magazine