An opportunity to learn with and from other supervisors in a safe environment


Members can choose to be involved in working groups.

You can contact the lead supervisor for each group to find out more about that group and how to become involved using the email addresses below.





  • Research – actively supporting members to do research and engage in writing in the field

 Research in coaching supervision is still embryonic and yet we have a wonderful resource of coaches, supervisors, and researchers within the GSN who are well placed to both tell the stories of their experiences and to support the development of new research in this important and changing area.

 We have a vision for several possibilities.  For example, those new to research may appreciate some guidance on how to undertake research; experienced researchers may appreciate working with a peer group to develop or test out their research ideas; and some may have ideas for research that will help us to further develop our profession.   

 In the first instance we reached out to members of the network to discover more about our interests and experiences.  Several small groups formed, some with a clear idea of what they are looking for and other groups have been more exploratory.

 In the exploratory groups we have had a coming together of different philosophies, experience, interests and curiosities, and differences in availability of time and knowledge about research.  In these groups we have discovered much about the challenges of researching in teams, as well coming to understand more about how much we know about research, what there is still to learn, and the challenges of being a practitioner interested in research. 

 As we move forwards, we will be encouraging two kinds of research environment.  Firstly, a conduit through which experienced researchers can come together to explore and develop particular projects.  Secondly, a developmental environment where those who do not have experience of research can come together to learn more about research and to engage in supported forays into the research environment. 

 Contact Colleen Harding:


  • Supervision of Supervision

For those interested in participating in Supervision of Supervision with other GSN members, Jonathan Sibley has offered to be responsible for a group of up to 8 supervisors, starting on April 18th 2024 from 10 am – 12 pm US ET (15:00 – 17:00 UK time). The plan is for the group to meet on the third Thursday of the month, approximately every 2 months.  Apr 18, Jun 20, Sep 19, Nov 21, Jan 16, 2025, Mar 20, 2025, May 15, 2025. This is for GSN members and is a practice-focused supervision of supervision group (rather than research focused). Members of the group may choose to share learnings from this group within the bounds of confidentiality and agreed-upon privacy.  If there is sufficient interest, there may be a second group, potentially scheduled at a more friendly time for Australia / NZ / Asia.

Contact Jonathan Sibley:


  • Supervision of Team Coaching Community of Practice

This is a joint community of practice with the Americas Supervision Network which Larissa Thurlow and Traci Manalani have been running for the ACSN since 2022.  It is for all practicing supervisors that are experienced in team coaching and/or working with team coaches and is a learning community to share your challenges, inquiries, experience and expertise while developing and strengthening peer relationships that will help us all grow as practitioners and better support our clients.

The group meets monthly.

Contact Larissa and Traci:


  • Internal Supervision and Coaching

If you are interested in becoming part of this working group, please get in touch with Cheryl Cooper or Jen Kidby.

Contact Cheryl and Jen:


  • Mental Health and Supervision

If you are interested in becoming part of this developing working group, please get in touch with Anne Archer.

Contact Anne: