The Global Supervisors’ Network (GSN) is a participative network set up by Eve Turner, free of charge, for experienced and qualified supervisors to provide each other with, and receive, Continuing Personal and Professional Development virtually (using Zoom).

Eligibility to join: The only criterion for joining is that you are a qualified and experienced supervisor for coaches, mentors and/or consultants. The GSN is aimed at supervisors who have 50 hours minimum supervision provision under their belt because, being free of charge, it can only succeed if the members offer sessions as well as receive them!

Principles and protocols: GSN principles and protocols were written at the inaugural meetings in January 2016. If you do decide to join the network, you are effectively agreeing to these principles and protocols, so please do read them before applying.

Our community: It is a friendly and reflective community.  We have 338 members around the world, including supervisors working in America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Vietnam as well as Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Singapore and the UK. We have established a community that is bringing together like-minded people and seems to be filling a mutual learning and sharing gap for others that Eve had identified for herself.

Topics we discuss: Network members pull together sessions and workshops based upon topics that supervisors have expressed an interest in receiving development on while also aiming to reflect what is going on in latest thinking in the field. The sessions are led by some of the fabulous members of the Network from around the world.  This includes acknowledged leaders in the field such as Robin Shohet, Julie Hay, Peter Hawkins, Hetty Einzig, Paul Lawrence, Tatiana Bachkirova, Jonathan Passmore, Elaine Patterson and David Clutterbuck.

Our session schedule is available here.  Attendance is free and for members only.

When sessions take place: We hold two or more virtual sessions per month.

Each topic is covered in two virtual sessions:

1) 7.00pm, Thursday, British time and
2) 8.00am, Friday, British time

with members choosing the session that best fits their time zone.

Sessions typically last 1 – 1.5 hours.

Additional benefits of the GSN
  • Access to materials: The GSN has a shared Dropbox folder where members may access recordings and papers from previous sessions as well as contact information for fellow members.
  • CPD attendance certificate: Members who participate in sessions will get a generic CPD certificate confirming their attendance (if it needs to have your name on it, we have a VA who you can pay to do this for you).
  • We have active working groups who regularly meet including:
    • Supervision of Supervision
    • Supervision of Team Coaching
    • Research – actively supporting members to do research and engage in writing in the field
    • Internal Supervision and Coaching
    • Mental Health and Supervision

If you would like to join any of these groups please go to the working groups page.

Running the GSN community

The network is entirely run by volunteers so please be patient with us!  And any ongoing costs like the Zoom account, website and hosting and Dropbox are paid by Eve herself.  Huge thanks go to all our wonderful volunteers, currently Bev Paulin, Jane Cox, Larissa Thurlow,  Nicci Statham and Eve Turner (overseeing the community); the content team of Bev Paulin, Larissa Thurlow, Jane Cox, Eileen Duncan, Sukh Mishraa, Neil Ralph, Elizabeth Reilly and Eve Turner; our session hosts Brenda Routt, Angela Dunbar, Angela Jopling, Hellen Hettinga, Jeanine Bailey, Larissa Thurlow, Lise Lewis, Rachael Skews, Veronica Wantenaar and Eve Turner; our membership team of Gillian Walter, Jo Searle, Alson Boo, Maggie Joao and Clare Smale; and those running our working groups: Colleen Harding, Jonathan Sibley, Larissa Thurlow, Traci Manalani, Cheryl Cooper, Jen Kidby and Anne Archer.

How to apply to join the GSN

If you would like to join, please complete the following form.  Should you encounter any issues please email .

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