Our aims for the network

  • Establish a community of practice and learning for supervisor of coaches, mentors and consultants
  • Gain more knowledge
  • Platform for sharing advanced ideas, tools and other training we are receiving
  • Grow our supervision capabilities while drawing on the expertise that exists within the Network
  • Opportunity to:
    • share and collaborate
    • stretch & learn; be exposed to things we wouldn’t have found in normal day to day
    • find ‘something’ new and different even if we don’t yet know what it is
    • stimulate and challenge our thinking, bounce ideas/spark new ideas, get our creative juices flowing; keep our “edge”
    • test coaching and coaching supervision theory and practice
    • mix practical, creative and theoretical sessions
  • Discuss:
    • issues facing supervision
    • different context supervision is being used now
  • Explore
    • themes around supervision and developing supervision – for example the psychotherapeutic model is only one; what others can we use?
    • different models being used by members
    • on a practical level how supervision groups are run, ideas and alternatives
    • how to work systemically with the people we work with, systemic complexity
    • challenging issues
  • Collective recognition that we all need to learn continually througopportunity to want to learn and share, co-coaching
    • looking for rigor to help the wider profession
    • requirement for structured and critical approach
    • need for CPD (although not just about collecting points)
    • finding ways of keeping up supervision skills
    • gaining CPD in exploring and learning different models
  • Provide a quality forum by
    • talking with other supervisors
    • learning what we can achieve mutually and collaboratively
    • providing our own ideas for the network ourselves or inviting others such as Julie Hay, David Clutterbuck, Peter Hawkins or Robin Shohet to lead/take part in sessions.
    • developing our own collective research / writing
  • Become thought leaders of our profession – the next generation.


  • Collaboration rather than competition
  • Paper on any of the topics, credited to the network but with the facilitator named
  • Need to not interrupt each other
  • Group distribution list not for promotion

The Network will not be affiliated to any one body, and it will not become its own professional body! However, it is noted that the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) is being very supportive, as is the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS).

No cost for participation and no membership fee for the Network. Members to contribute in a voluntary way as a matter of principle.

These notes were drawn up at the inaugural meeting of the GSN on 4 January 2016.