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Survey on AI in Coaching and Supervision

GSN members Natalia de Estevan Ubeda and Peter Duffell are continuing their research on the effect of AI in coaching and supervision and are inviting fellow GSN colleagues to respond to a short survey which will further inform this research.

There is a lot of media attention about the possibilities of AI in a wide range of applications – coaching amongst them. We know what the companies behind this technology suggest their AIs can do, but how aware are coaching practitioners of what the technology can actually do?

This anonymous survey aims to get a baseline understanding of practitioner understanding of what the impact of AI might be in terms of actually using it in their own practice and some of the specific ethical issues that may arise.

Note the survey is also aimed at counsellors and therapists – as many of the applications of AI (such as the proposal that an AI could monitor client facial expressions in sessions) will apply to these disciplines also. Please feel free to share with colleagues (coaches, counsellors and therapists) as the more responses we get, the better the baseline picture will be. We will be using this information to inform a series of articles that we plan to write later this year. It should take 6-8 minutes to complete.

You can access the survey at (deadline for responses is 4 August 2023).

If you have any queries, you can contact Natalia and Peter via their email:

Peter –

Natalia –



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