Damian Goldvarg and I are doing a short research project on virtual supervision. It is for a book chapter we are writing together and we would be so grateful for your help by close of play Friday 31st January 2020. We are keen to understand perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of working virtually as a supervisor or supervisee, and to hear of any challenges you perceive and how you get round them. We are also interested in your recommendations to other supervisees/supervisors as to what makes virtual supervision as successful as possible. All the comments will be anonymous unless you indicate differently within the survey.

There are 2 versions of the survey, one for supervisors and one for supervisees. Please can coaches complete the supervisees’ survey and supervisors complete the supervisors’ one (though you may choose to do both)? There are only a few questions (8) as well as some simple demographic information requested and a question about anonymity so it is not a long survey to complete, the average is around 10 minutes. Here are the links and thank you so much for your help:

UPDATE: This survey in now closed. Please contact Eve: should you have any questions.